About Us

Eminent One Solutions, a new solution-ready company that stands at the crossroads of innovation and customer-driven service, has remained a destination for fledgling startups seeking to enter the competitive fold of the World Wide Web. Tailored to small businesses and non-profits, Eminent One Solutions is an all-purpose, all-encompassing, go-to technology shop specializing in Integrative Services, Network Setup/Management, Web Design/Development, Project Management, and Hardware/Software Resell, effectively, covering the gamut of tools and services available in today's market. Touting ourselves as a "one-stop shop" for all technology-related matters, we introduced a new mode and model for customer service, performing all tasks in-house including research, outreach and hands-on installation touching on every component, from completion down to the routine details. As a purveyor and more a practitioner of new business philosophies and a 360-degree business operation, we feel we are uniquely and superiorly attuned to the needs and obstacles of smaller businesses.


“Our blueprint is simple and economical; we target small businesses, non-profits, and those types that, more often than not, cannot compete or afford to compete in the present market with larger businesses.”


To address this, we make available services that are expensive and remote, affordable and accessible, respectively. "To help small business owners, we perform every task that directly involves the company; find the best price for your business using our relationships with outside companies and consult with all parties to land a deal, far more affordable than most companies can provide.”

This strategy has been a beacon for business as the company has witnessed a spike in sales and broadening of clientele, in equal measure.


Eminent One Solutions has been working with clients in the corporate, education, federal, state and local government markets since 2008. We have been successful by evaluating our customers’ pain points and providing them with the best technology solutions to help them move their businesses forward. Our projects and capabilities are geographically dispersed, supporting customers nationwide.


Eminent One Solutions also develops custom apps and other unique solutions to help you solve business challenges or gain a competitive edge.