Project Management

At Eminent One Solutions, Project Management is an ongoing process provided to each of our clients before, during and beyond the life cycle of any given project. When a Project has been identified, a Project Management resource is allocated to ensure the successful delivery of the solution. Our Project Management Process incorporates a project plan, status reporting, and change management control to provide a mutually advantageous communications channel with our clients.

The Project Manager is responsible for the management of the project, he or she will develop a Project Plan, which will be discussed and agreed with the client prior to Project commencement of a project. Within the Project Plan, the focus will be given to Organization, Scope of Work, Change of Control Procedure, Programme of Works, Health & Safety, Storage, Security and Environmental matters.

Core Benefits The core benefits of implementation are:

  • Systematic Plan Monitoring: review actual costs vs. budgeted costs
  • Project Plan Revisions: recommended updates and additional action items to ensure project success
  • Project Progress Controls: institute corrective action to reduce uncertainty and risk
  • Detailed Report Reviews: review milestones and activities in development in order to maintain the project schedule

Upon the completion of a Project, the Project Manager will collate and deliver our documentation. Our consulting services are structured to provide the guidance and implementation for your teams in their transition. From on-site guidance and training to a planned structured transition, our experts deliver scalable solutions for every organization Our approach is very flexible, we can step in and manage your resource development needs at any stage in the cycle. Mentoring and training your project teams gives you the ability to scale the adoption of your project management process. We arm your project teams with the vital project management processes, skills and techniques that are pivotal to their development, and essential to your bottom line. Our leadership teams come well stocked with qualified and established talent to deliver resource efficiency and success.