Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR)

There is little question that the EHR will become a requirement for physicians in the not too distant future. Now maybe the calm before the storm and an excellent time to prepare. When it comes to EHR, a quote from the late great John Wooden comes to mind "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail" this could not be truer. Especially with the recent definition of “meaningful use” passed by National Institute for Standards and Technology. The rules are available from the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Web site. With government agencies providing funding for implementation and guidance to assure “meaningful use” your practice can receive up to $44,000 in aid. We have been fortunate to develop a rapport with such an agency NYC REACH to help our clients transition to an electronic medical record system a smooth one.

There are many factors that come into play when considering an EHR and physicians should anticipate a substantial assessment and planning process before evaluating products. Creating a unique practice profile will involve addressing issues such as specialty-specific requirements, current I.T. infrastructure, and existing practice management system, documentation styles of providers, deployment, and financial considerations. The likelihood of succeeding with an EHR will be greatly enhanced by developing a plan before ever speaking with a vendor. We have dealt with a variety of EHR/EMR vendors; eClinical, Greenway Medical, MDLand and Practice Fusion to name a few. With that being said we provide medical practices with an array of services to help them make the EHR transformation from paper to an electronic record. We have developed our own and adhere to vendor pre-requisites and methodologies to assess a medical organization and bring to light areas that must be considered in the transition process. We can support a practice throughout the entire process, from pre-implementation planning (Readiness Assessment) through to post-implementation support.


Our Services include:

· EMR/EHR Readiness Assessment

· System Requirements & Selection

· Implementation Management

· Post Implementation Support


Electronic filing of medical records offers a myriad of benefits, including Improved patient care, FTE cost reduction, cost containment, space economies, confidentiality, compliance, liability control and litigation exposure. If you are seeking to take advantage of government funding by achieving “meaningful use” you will have little time for errors in meeting the timelines to receive maximum funding.

Eminent One Solutions helps our clients prepare for meeting “meaningful use” criteria through our readiness assessment and pre-implementation planning services. We provide a suite of services to ensure you have the right people and strategies in place.

ACT NOW!!! Let Eminent One Solutions help you achieve meaningful use and implement your new EHR/EMR system TODAY!!!

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